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Surely you do not expect me to translate all these articles into English. Maybe you can use any available software to translate them, but do not trust the outcome. If you cannot read Italian, and are interested in a particular article, please e-mail me ( I could provide you with at least an abstract in English, if not the full text.


Let me briefly explain what you can find in this Web site.


In Chi sono I tell something about myself (a translator, unfortunately), as well as the origin of my surname and family from Ragusa/Dubrovnik (Croatia).


Traduzioni is just a page for contacts, in case you need any translations into or from Italian. If you do, please contact me at the above address ( to receive a cost estimate.


The only texts written in English, with no Italian translation, are three short stories I wrote to take part (unsuccessfully) in the Manchester Writing Competition. You can read it here: A Good Husband (2015), The Insect (2014),  Buy Britain (2013).


Per me è arabo is a book I have written about the Middle East.


Absurdum is a book I have written about beliefs and religions, as seen by a sceptical non-believer. It includes most themes from the Religioni section below.


Non c’è più religione is a novel I have written. I spare you the details.


In Recensioni you can find book reviews. Again, please contact me if you are interested in an English version.


Articoli leads to a few articles I wrote on various subjects, here listed in a decreasing order of seriousness:


         A Brief History of Palestine   From the Ottoman Empire to the birth of Israel (with the rest to follow later)

                     Palestina 1           The Ottoman Empire; A Home for the Jews; Herzl’s Zionism

                     Palestina 2            From the Ottomans to the British; The Balfour Declaration; The Settlement of the Middle East 

                     Palestina 3            British Palestine; The Iron Wall

                     Palestina 4            Revolts and Terrorist Attacks; The Birth of Israel


          Islamic Terrorism — Origins of the terrorist attacks that have caused bloodshed in the 21st century

                     Terrorismo islamico 1                The Terrorism Phenomenon

                     Terrorismo islamico 2                The Historical Context

                     Terrorismo islamico 3                The Cultural Context (Islamic Fundamentalism)


         Afghanistan — History of Afghanistan from its birth in the 18th century to the Taliban

                     Afghanistan 1             From the birth of Afghanistan to the 1979 Soviet invasion

                     Afghanistan 2             From anti-Soviet jihad to the Taliban



           Perché questo posto si chiama così?                 A look at place-names in my home region,

                                                                                     Friuli - Venezia Giulia


           Il nostro inglese inesistente                              Pseudo-English words in Italian


           Traduttori traditori                                            Untranslatable words and mistranslations


           99 centesimi di stupidità                                   Why we pay 99-cent prices


           Cristiani nel pallone                                          A comment on Christian football players invoking their God


           Primavera a Venezia                                         An eventful trip to Venice, by courtesy of the Italian railways



In Religioni you can find over 30 articles concerning religion, beliefs, superstition, magic, relics, dreams, miracles, and more. These subjects are viewed with a sceptic eye, so do not expect to find any mysteries or supernatural revelations. Here are the articles and the subjects they examine:


    Astrologia                     Astrology; view of the world in antiquity; watching the skies; myths and legends

           Astri                       Stars and planets; Mesopotamian and Greek astrology; divination

           Zodiaco                  The Zodiac; the number 12; horoscopes; precession of the equinoxes; April fools; constellations;

                                          influence of the moon and planets; astrologers and politicians

           Irrazionale              Irrationality in the modern world; emotional and logical thinking

           Settimana               Mesopotamian origin of the week; Babylonian deities; names of days of the week

           Nostradamus          Predicting the future; Sarajevo; astrologers’ predictions; Nostradamus’ Centuries; Hitler and the

                                          French Revolution


    Magia                           Magical thinking; religion, magic and superstition; social function of magic

           Stregoneria           Witchcraft; conformity and scapegoats; witch hunt; hallucinogens; witches’ Sabbath

           Vampiri                 Vampires; Dracula; origin of vampires; werewolves; zombies

           Superstizioni         Religious, cultural and personal superstitions; charms and amulets; origin of various superstitions

           Causa ed effetto    Cause and effect; Skinner’s pigeons; superstitious thinking; correlation and causality


    Fenomeni                      Near-death experiences; out-of-body experiences

            Paranormale          Paranormal; telepathy, déjà vu, séances, dowsing; vibrations and energies; aura

            Extraterrestri         Alien abductions and sleep paralysis; UFOs; Martians; Roswell; life in the universe

            Personalità            Personality; fortune-telling; Barnum effect; Forer’s experiment; Rorschach test; graphology; statistical



    Miracoli                        Miracles; tricks and supernatural abilities; invoking a saint

             Guarigioni            Healing; traditional and superstitious remedies; alternative medicines; miraculous healing

             Lourdes                Procedure to establish miraculous healing; spontaneous remissions

             Quarantena           Ragusa (Dubrovnik) and quarantine; the Pleiades and the period of 40 days; birth of the lazaretto;

                                          various Marys in the Gospels


    Sogni                            Production of dreams; REM and non-REM sleep; sleep paralysis; interpretation of dreams; false

                                         memories; clairvoyant dreams; symbolism in dreams

              Allucinazioni       Hallucinations; altered states of consciousness; illusions; pareidolia; apophenia

              Estasi                   Symptoms of ecstasy; stigmata; crucifixion; Padre Pio


    Apparizioni                  Apparitions; Taiping rebellion in China; apparitions of the Virgin Mary; Lourdes; Guadalupe

              Fatima                Apparitions in Fatima; the three secrets of Fatima; dance of the sun

              Lacrimazioni     Weeping statues of the Virgin Mary; Civitavecchia; Syracuse, Sicily; explanation


    Reliquie                       Relics; holiness and magical thinking; authenticity of relics; non-Christian traditions; relics in

                                        Christianity; medieval trade in relics

              Magi                  Zoroastrian Magi; Biblical prophecies; the star of Bethlehem; Christian calendar; Slaughter of the


              Vera Croce         Christ’s True Cross; Jerusalem rebuilt; St Helena and the True Cross; titulus crucis; crown of thorns

              Sindone              The Shroud of Turin and other shrouds; origin of the Shroud of Turin; scientific tests

              San Giacomo      St James in Spain; Compostela; Dioscuri; the Celts and the New Age

              San Gennaro       Liquefaction of the blood of St Januarius; thixotropic compound


   Vangeli 1                        Is there anything true in the Gospels?

   Vangeli 2                        Is there an original text of the Gospels?

   Betlemme                       The birth of Jesus in the Gospels

   Millenarismo                  Waiting for Jesus to return

   San Paolo 1                     Resurrected who? Saint Paul and the birth of Christianity (I)

   San Paolo 2                     Resurrected who? Saint Paul and the birth of Christianity (II)



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